Biography of Randy Martin

When I was 12 years old, my father gave me one share of AT&T.  I started watching it go up and down and wondered what caused it to change.  I discovered (by observation and others’ research) that, on average, it was due 70% to the broad market, 20% to group movement, and 10% to company-specific things.  This discovery led me to a fascination in financial and economic history, which entirely reflects the history of mankind.  This is exciting stuff – wars, migrations, cultures, empires, scientific discoveries – everything is linked and has an effect on the market – which in turn affects history as well.  People have moods, countries have moods.  These moods affect the broad trends in the markets too.  As a child, I found it all fascinating and my fascination has not in any way diminished as an adult.  I love this business.

These days, this former CPA has been active in the financial markets for over 40 years.  I have a B.A. (Economics) from Emory University (1966), a Master of Professional Accountancy from Georgia State University (1968), and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Georgia State University (1970), where I focused on accounting and finance.  My dissertation was on price-earnings ratios.  I also taught undergraduate accounting starting at age 23 for two years and then taught calculus and statistics in Georgia State’s graduate business school for two more years.  I then served for 15 years in the management consulting practice of KPMG (then Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.) and was a partner for 8 years.  I have passed the Series 2, 7 and 65 securities exams and am registered with appropriate state and/or federal regulators as an investment adviser.

In 1991-2, I supervised $1.3b for 12 clients with a major pension advisor.  The largest client had $375m and the smallest had $2m – the money was managed by investment management firms.  I started my investment advisory firm in 1992 and have thoroughly enjoyed the interesting work and my exceptional clients ever since.

I served as an independent director of the $250m Caldwell & Orkin Market Opportunity Fund, a long/short mutual fund, where I represented fund shareholders from June 2000 to August 2004.

My epiphany For 14 years, from 1993-2006, I served clients by finding and monitoring the best investment managers.  My pursuit of excellence helped clients make money in 2000-02, the second deepest bear market in US history.  In December 2006 I had a new insight into rebalancing that led me to do extensive testing and reading.  While there are many ways to run money, my investment style is among the most sound – the first in 14 years that I’ve wholeheartedly adopted with my own money.  Today, I am here to serve you and together we will make our experience a mutually-rewarding one.

Your Total Financial Portfolio

I enjoy seeing you improve your total financial portfolio and therefore my preference is always to manage the whole thing.  I can give the best advice when I know your total assets, even if I manage a portion of your total.  This is a well-established principle in the advice business.

Things That I Am Not

I sell no products and have no allegiance to anyone who does.  I sell no insurance and am not an insurance expert.  Although I am a former CPA, I do not give tax advice or prepare tax returns.  I am not a financial planner, estate planner, or pension plan expert but will talk with your specialists if desired.  I recommend that my friends not seek investment advice from anyone who can receive a commission or who works for a company that can receive commissions or that does investment banking because of inherent conflicts of interest.