Reasons to hire me to manage your money

My personal mission is to help people make money.  My dedication is to protect your assets and improve your returns.  My conservative investment style tailors the action level to your safety preference.

Results  With near-zero interest rates and the 2nd deepest stock bear market in US history, accounts are profitable and ahead of the S&P500.  In 2008 the S&P500 fell 37.0% and my typical client account was down 7-9%.

Excellent tax efficiency  After our first year, long-term sales are often over 5 times greater than short-term ones.  (Long-term gains are taxed at 20% rather than at higher ordinary income tax rates.)

Solid account structure  A typical account owns 8-10 assets for high quality; low cost; and real, statistical diversification.

Shared values  I eat my own cooking; my money is invested in the same places as yours.

Stability  In January 2007 I created the bear-market-tested investment style we use today.  I am your portfolio manager and personally work directly with you every step of the way.  For 14 years prior to 2007 I consulted with clients to help them hire money managers.

Specialization  Managing money is the one thing I do.  I am a former CPA and earned a PhD in accounting and finance.

Excellent client references  33 clients trust me to manage $50m.  94.6% client $ retention rate for 2008-2015.  References are available.